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Amanda Pomeroy's R+F Newsletter: February '15

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hey all! So many great things happening in R+F, I want to keep it short and sweet...


Some INCREDIBLE results....

This is Amy, a fellow R+F Consultant...

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The Internet lost it's mind...

...Amy's before/after pics set facebook ABLAZE this month. Here's what she had to say:

"The regimens worked really well (REVERSE and REDEFINE) for me but I believe my consistent use of the MacroExfoliator and AmpMD made the largest impact on my transformation. The change was so gradual (one year) and I had no clue how drastic my skin changed. I've never done botox or any other filler. Just R+F, my new found love. Lol!"

Here are the Tools she used...

This is Danita, another R+F Consultant...

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Here's what Danita said about her process:

"This past October, I had surgery for skin cancer. As soon as my stitches were removed, I began applying Rodan+Fields Night Renewing Serum and Overnight Restorative Cream, nightly. A month later, I began using our Amp MD Roller a couple times a week. I am very pleased with the results so far. You might also notice the greatly diminished brown spot beside my eye. That's because I am also using Rodan+Fields Reverse Regimen. I don't wear any type of foundation or powder on my face. What you see is naked skin, highlighted by 6 very bright bulbs.

I have been so pleased and incredibly happy with the results, I wanted others to know about them. It's true, RF doesn't make claims about our products healing or helping scars.... but I can say without hesitation.... they worked beautifully on mine.... the outer ones and the inner ones." Danita Clark Able


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Real Life Acute Care Resultsi!!

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Thank you, Cheri! You win a FREE R+F Hand Treatment for sharing your pics!!

Cheri is one of my Preferred Customers and was kind enough to send me her before/after pics. Traditional fillers used around the mouth are incredibly painful. Acute Care is painless, easy and it works!

Thank you, Elisabeth!! Referral Love = R+F Presents...

Big shout out to Elisabeth in LA. She loves her Reverse Regimen and Eye Cream so much she referred a friend and got a Bonus Gift! (Love you, girl.)

If you have a friend or family member that you think would love R+F, send them my email - amandapomeroyrf@gmail.com and tell them to request a sample: I'll send them a FREE MINI FACIAL!

I promise I won't stalk them :)

Thank you again...

I appreciate your support.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's to The Best Skin of Your Life,