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Catalonia is a triangular region in the northeastern corner of spain. It is bordered by France and Andorra to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Some regions are mountainous while others lie along the coastline. Most of Catalonia has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, relatively rainy winters. Catalonia's traditional agriculture was centered around almonds, the production of wine, and olive oil. The main food staples were corn, specifically maize, potatoes, and rice. In present day however, traditional crops like olives and grapes are being replaced with fruits and vegetables. Growing these crops makes up only a small portion of Catalonia's agriculture, as the raising of pigs and cows is the dominant agricultural activity.

Signature Foods

Since Catalonia lies along the Mediterranean coast, they are renowned for their seafood dishes, like Arrosejat. Arrosejat a dish that contains rice, potatoes and fish, cooked together with lots of spices like chillies and mild garlic. Another signature sea food dish, the Suquet de Peix, utilizes fresh seafood from the Mediterranean cost by creating a fish stew with potatoes, garlic, and a little tomato. The dish is then thickened and finished by adding a bit of Picada, a Catalan signature sauce made with fried bread, friend garlic, olive oil and nuts, pounded together. Sauces play an important role in Catalan cooking and Catalonians have other signature sauces, called orpicadas, which are made by pounding mixtures of aromatic ingredients, such as garlic, dried fruits, tomatoes, herbs, olive oil, salt, and even cookies to give them a surprisingly sweet flavor. Lastly, a famous dessert is the Crema Catalonia. It is similar to the french Crème Bruleé, and it is made with egg yolk, sugar, cinnamon. Then to give it a crusty flavor, the Crema Catalonia is slightly burnt on the top.

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