School Lunches

Are they unhealthy?

School lunches goes from bad to worst

According to the paper, a recent recall of tainted meat did not include school lunches. Last summer, health officials traced a dangerous strain of salmonella to ground beef made at Beef Packers Inc., a large company supplier to the National School Lunch Program.

From The Papers

"Four orders were produced for the school lunch program during that period, a USA TODAY investigation found. One tested positive for salmonella Newport, the strain that prompted the recall and can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting; that order was rejected by the government. Tests on the other three orders found no salmonella, and the beef was shipped from the plant before the recall was announced. Because samples from the three orders of beef appeared salmonella-free, the meat made for schools was not included in the recall. But lawmakers and food safety experts say the three orders should have been rejected nonetheless."