Bronco Broadcasting Team

5th Grade


Our mission is to deliver important messages ,through technology,to the whole school on a daily basis.


In broadcasting we have many responsibilities. Putting together daily scripts, practicing good speaking skills, and utilizing the TriCaster audio/video production technology are just a few of our many responsibilities. We also have to employ organization skills, and stay calm and flexible during malfunctions. To be in broadcasting, you must arrive to school early and be a leader throughout the day.

Club Application

Application Process:

1.Fill out an application including an essay on applying the 7 habits at the end of 4th grade.

2. Synergize during the tryout.

3.You need an interest in technology.

4.Your teacher submits an evaluation.

5.You need to be good listener and to follow directions the first time they are given.

6.You need to audition for roles that interest you.Behind the camera on the set,or in tryout of the camera,are all possible.[If you are accepted]

If you are accepted

1.Receive assignment

2.Attend training in spring of 4th grade year.

3.Log into google drive over the summer to receive broadcasting updates.