CRUISE SHIP around the world

Newsletter #11

Dear Parents,

Last week we went on a Cruise ship and learned about the culture, the traditions and tried the food of countries like: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Honduras, Colombia, Spain, Panama and we also learned about Costa Rica, Germany and The United States.

Children had a great time playing. They made their own passport and got to draw a picture of themselves and wrote their names to make them more personal. Then, they got to draw the flag of the country where they were born and draw pictures of other flags or whatever they enjoyed learning about each country they got to visit.

Children got to dance samba and experience how people dance in a real carnival in Brazil, how people dance tango in Argentina and some typical dances from Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica.

For the Library Center they had a variety of books of all the countries they were going to be visiting on their cruise ship. For the Dramatic Center we transformed it into the cruise ship and they had cloth and different props to pretend that they were on a real cruise ship. The Toys & Games was Argentina, Block Center was Mexico, the Art Center was Panama, the Discovery Center was Honduras, the Writing Center was Spain and on a table we had Brazil where they could dress up and dance like if they were on a real carnival in Brazil.

Children got to do 'molas' which is the most authentic expression of art from the Indigenous people here in Panama. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Besides learning about culture and traditions children got to experience the gastronomic food of some countries like for example: Tortilla Española from Spain, Dulce de Leche from Argentina, a piñata from Mexico and Mrs. Silvia came on Wednesday for our usual cooking class and made Arepas and a Fruit competition with the children.

It really was an amazing week! Take a look at the pictures and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed watching your children play and have fun!

Teaching with passion,

Ms. Maria & Ms. Marianne

Drawing their own 'mola'

Dress up time


Playing in the Cruise ship

Coloring the flag of the country where they were born

It's time to dance!

Mrs. Silvia (Juana's mom) came for our Wednesday Cooking class

Fruit competition

Enjoying the Tortilla Española

Having fun at the Brazilian Carnival!