What the Tech?

Presentation tools: what's ok, what's not, how do I know?

Presentation Tools Galore

When it is time for students to share their research or expertise, whether with their teacher, their peers, or to a global audience, there are many tools available. Most of our students are familiar with Google Slides but it is an ongoing goal to increase the tools available for our students so that they may have more voice and choice when they share information. However, our students are at a level where some tools aren't age appropriate or have age restrictions that we need to follow. How do we know which tools are ok to use and which are not?

This week we will discuss presentation tools for students that are acceptable for the 4-5 level and how to be more aware of what we can use in the classroom.

What's ok to use?

Aside from Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, and Maps, it is ALWAYS a good idea to let parents know what tool you are using in the classroom and to know which students do/do not have media releases signed.

Here are some of the presentation tools that are ok for use at the 4-5 level:

What presentation tools are strictly 13+

New tools are being discovered all the time. When we find a cool tool that we want to use with students, it is important to check the age restrictions. Unfortunately, the following tools are unavailable for students 13 and under.

1. eMaze

2. Prezi (18+)

3. Powtoon (unless you pay for the EDU version)

4. Wix (18+)

5. Canva and PicMonkey

How do I find out?

Age restrictions can be found for most digital tools. Sometimes, you can find the terms of use or privacy policy at the bottom of the site's homepage.

If not, a Google search can often get you the information you are looking for, for example, a search for "Powtoon age restrictions" or "Haiku Deck privacy policy."

Let me know if you would like support

If you are interested in using any of these tools and want to explore further, let me know!