Bonnie and Clyde REWARD $20,000

Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker was born in Rowena, Texas. She was the middle child with and older brother and a younger sister. When she was 4 years old her father passed away, so her mother moved them to Dallas to live with their grandparents. She attended school there and was a very bright student. She dreamed of becoming an actress, there were no signs of a criminal path in her life so far. During her second year of high school she was married to a classmate named Roy Thornton, at the age of 16. Their marriage soon fell apart because Roy was physically abusive. He was sentenced to a 5 year prison sentence for robbery. Bonnie never spoke with him again.

Clyde Barrow

Clyde Chestnut Barrow was born in Telico Texas. He was the fifth of seven children that were born into a poor family. The family eventually moved to Dallas due to his family's farm failing. He attended school till he was 16, he wanted to become a musician. Due to his older brother Buck, Clyde soon turned to the life of a criminal. He started with petty thievery, then that led to stealing cars, and soon after that he went to armed robbery. By age 20 Clyde was a fugitive by the law, he was wanted for several robberies.

Partners in crime (Bonnie and Clyde)

Bonnie and Clyde met through a mutual friend when Bonnie was 19 and Clyde was 20. Clyde was a ex-con and a wanted man. After a couple weeks of being together, he was arrested and convicted of several criminal charges. When he was back in prison, Clyde's first thoughts were to escape. Clyde and Bonnie had fallen deeply in love and Clyde was heart broken being away from her. Bonnie has no problem with helping Clyde out, she said he was her soul mate. Soon after, Bonnie smuggled a gun into prison for Clyde. Clyde used it to escape from prison. He was captured a week later and sentenced to 14 years of hard labor. 2 years later Clyde was released because his mother convinced the judge to grant him parole. (Also a couple days before he had his big toe and another part of his toe cut off in an accident, he would walk with a permanent limp......I just added this because I thought it was weird...) Bonnie and Clyde were reunited. Clyde stared committing crimes again with a small gang and Bonnie soon joined the gang. She was captured from a failed robbery attempt and would be imprisoned for two months. She would write poetry about her love for Clyde during her trial. Her conviction failed because she told them she was kidnapped by the gang. After she was released the couple soon resumed their crimes. By 1933 the gang was wanted for several murders and crimes. The couple avoided being captured for nearly two years, they became two of Americas most well known criminals. On May 23, 1934 they drove into an ambush on highway 154 Louisiana, they were both killed by police. In Bonnies Poetry she wrote, "Some day they'll go down together/ And they'll bury them side by side/ To few it'll be grief/ To the law a relief/ But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde." and she was right.
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