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When I started high school I was scared about what I was going to do with my life, and now here I am applying to colleges, making connections and stepping into my future. Coming to the CRTC was the best decision I’ve made in high school.”

Concord High School senior Olivia Anderson recently made those remarks when talking about her CRTC Emergency Services program experience. Her comment is typical of many I hear from students who have connected to their career interests and ambitions through the CRTC.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, however, connecting to a new crop of freshman and sophomore students from our nine sending high schools has proven to be a challenging task, and one that we’re hoping you can help us with.

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For These Three Students, CRTC is a Family Affair

Jack, Tommy and Peter Sargent have three things in common: they are brothers, they’re each enrolled in the CRTC Emergency Services program, and they all share the same birth date.

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CRTC Recruitment: Reinventing The Way We Connect to Students and Families - With Your Help

We’re currently on a mission to recruit 450 9th-, 10th- and 11th-grade students into one of the CRTC’s 11 Career Pathway programs - and we need some help. COVID restrictions have boxed us into a remote environment, limiting our outreach and restricting our ability to give students from our nine sending schools an up-close look at the college and career development advantages we offer. Here's what you can do help us spread the word.

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Education and Behavioral Science Students Find New Opportunities in Remote ELOs

In this COVID-restricted school year, CRTC program teachers have been challenged to find ways to provide students with career-focused, extended learning opportunities (ELOs) that safely connect them with industry professionals and workplaces.

“We’ve overcome that challenge by utilizing remote instruction, which has really opened up the possibilities,” said CRTC Education and Behavioral Science teacher Val Koch.

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Meet Our Teachers: Gail Beaudoin, Criminal Justice

The CRTC Criminal Justice teacher, Gail Beaudoin, has over three decades of law enforcement experience, including 11 years as a Criminal Bureau detective, and was the first female in the Chelmsford, MA, Police Department to attain the rank of Lieutenant. She holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from UMass, and spent 15 years as an adjunct professor in Criminal Justice at UMass, Lowell. Learn a little more about our favorite Criminal Justice teacher by reading this month’s CRTC Teacher Q & A.

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CRTC Health Science Students Begin LNA and EMT Training

CRTC Health Science students have begun training that will prepare them to join the front lines of NH’s fight against the COVID outbreak. Forty-nine students are working toward License Nursing Assistant (LNA) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, which would make them available to help fill the gap left by the 1,000 LNA positions lost over the past two years.

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CRTC January Snapshots

Harbor Freight Tools Donates Electrical Tool Kits To Auto Program

CRTC Automotive Technology year II students are able to engage in hands-on lessons in Ohm’s Law from home thanks to the generous donation of electrical boards and toolkits from Harbor Freight Tools.

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Services for CRTC Students and Families in Need

The protracted battle with COVID-19, and the associated economic and social fallout, has strained the resources and endurance of many individuals and families. But help is available as both school- and community-based services are ready to provide a wide range of support. Remember that we are all in this together, so there's no need for you to go it alone. Click Here to access a contact list of those support organizations.

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