Energy Conservation

Making changes everyday.

What are fossil fuels and why do we need to start looking for alternative energies?

So we do not run out of energy for future generations. Scientist are look for a way so we can use sunlight, plants, wind and others that are unlimited so we can use them to the fullest instead of use other energies like oil. They are also looking for a energy that is cleaner to use because the fossil fuels we are using now are releasing CO2 and that helps global warming.

What is energy conservation?

The saving of energy and saving fossil fuels.

Why is energy saving necessary?

Energy conservation is necessary because if we conserve energy that lowers down our bill and it doesn't change the climate of the planet as fast. When we save energy we save fossil fuels. So we will have more fossil fuels in the future to use. The amount is very limited because it is a non renewable resource.

Personally day

Buy drinks that are made from recycled material-

If you do that it takes less energy to make the product again.

Turn off your lights when you are not using them-

If you do that you are not wasting energy also you will not be purchasing lightbulbs as much.

Unplug your phone charger from the wall when you are not using it-

If you do that then the charger will not take extra energy and store it.

Unplug stuff when you're not using them-

If you do that then energy will not be stored.

Use the blow dryer for a shorter amount of time-

If you do that you will get your hair partially dried but it will also save on energy because it takes a lot of energy to use a blowdryer because it has to heat up then blow the hot air at you.

As a consumer

When a store buys some not refrigerated things they don’t have to refrigerate the thing and they can save energy- If you buy goods that are not cold that saves on energy because then the store doesn't have to cool down the product which in result saves energy.

Purchase recycled stuff- If you purchased recycle stuff then it takes less energy to remake the supplies.

Add a fireplace to your home- This will save you energy because u are using fire to heat your home.

Buy energy saving appliances- That makes it to where it does not take as much energy to do stuff like wash the dishes.

Don’t buy single serving packages of food- If you buy single serving packages it takes up more space and longer to cool so get multi serving packages so you can save on energy.

In your home

  1. Turn off the lights- Turning off the lights save on light bulbs so you don't have to buy as much so that way you can save on energy it takes to make new bulbs.

  2. Unplug your TV at night- Unplugging your TV. at night saves energy because there is spare energy that is saved up in it.

  3. Don’t let the water run when brushing teeth-When you let the water run it takes energy to force the water to come out of your faucet

  4. Take shower, Take shorter showers-Taking a shorter shower saves on the amount of energy. It takes to force the water to come out of the faucet.

Unplug the hair dryer when not using it- If you unplug the hair dryer form where it is plugged is at it will not take electric. Things take energy even if they are not being used.