Remote Monitoring Parkinson Patient

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Parkinson Tremor is a rhythmic involuntary oscillatory movement of boy parts, with a relatively fixed frequency and amplitude.

An estimated 400,000 people in Pakistan are suffering from the Parkinson’s disease, which affects over 6 million persons globally. Though the disease can affect anyone, it usually emerges in people over the age of 60. The diagnosis is based on medical history and a methodical neurological examination as the symptoms of the disease can be caused by other neurological problems, head trauma and even medication. As the disease is progressive, the symptoms become more severe over time. The disease causes people to become slower and have difficulty in talking, walking and even swallowing

Our Product

Product Features

The product focuses on knowledge extraction remotely from medical data using different techniques. It acquires ad processes tremor signals and uses as an aid in both medical diagnosing and prognosis of certain neurological disorders behavior. Mobile application is synchronized with the product to get relevant information.

Product Advanatages

  • Differentiate the normal person from the patient with Parkinson disease.
  • Provides the mobility of the patients and specialists by eliminating the need of in-housed examination.
  • Reduces the death rate in the remote areas by providing them facility to remain under examination continuously.
  • Sends the notification to the care taker in case of any emergency.