K4 Supply List

2022-23 School Year

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K4 Grade Supply List

  • 1 - Box of Bold Crayola brand markers (10 pack)
  • 1 - Box of FINE LINE Crayola brand markers
  • 1 - Box of Crayola brand crayons (16 pack)
  • 1 - Regular sized book bag (no toddler size please)
  • 1 - Pair of Blunt tip Scissors
  • 1 - Box of Glue sticks (Elmer's purple disappearing)

WISH LIST (optional)

  • Paper Towels
  • Play-Doh

Need Assistance?

We know that every family has different circumstances which can bring about certain needs. If you need any assistance with school supplies, book bags, etc. please fill out this form below and we will be glad to help. Of course this personal information will be kept confidential.


(form is also available on our school website)

Staggered Days:

Our students do not start school on August 17th like other students in the district. We will begin with a staggered schedule. This means that half of the students will come on Thursday August 19th and the other half will attend on Friday, August 20th. Starting on Monday, August 23rd all students will attend. Please refer to your acceptance letter that states which day your child will begin. Thank you!