Peter Salem

By: Sierra Hanley

Before the War

Peter Salem was a black soldier in the Revolutionary War.Peter Salem was born in Framingham MA, the year of his birth is unknown. His owner Jeremiah Belknap had named Salem for his hometown which is Salem MA. Salem was later sold for his original owner was a New England army captain Jeremiah Belknap to Major Lawson Buckminster. Major Lawson later promised that is Salem would grant him his freedom if Salem would fight for the colonists as a minutemen.

During the War:

Throughout his army career Salem took place in many battle such as the battle of Bunker Hill where he shot and killed Major John Pitcairn. During this battle which was the first major battle of the war on June 17. He was personally posted on nearby Breeds Hill. Salem also fought in the battle of Lexington and Concord where he was mostly stationed in Concord, and a week later fought under Colonel Nixon’s fifth Massachusetts Regiment. With Nixon Salem Later in the war fought at Stony Point and Saratoga.

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After the War

Salem fought until the end of the war was over, so her fought in the war from beginning to end. Later Salem built a cabin close to Leicester MA, and worked as a cane weaver. In 1816 Peter Salem died in the Framingham poorhouse. He is buried in the Old Burying Ground and in 1882 the town of Framingham put a monument is his honor.

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