By Elaine Roman

Narrative Writing

I woke up one day as normal as can be and started getting ready. When suddenly I got this phone call. I listened to what they said and dropped the phone. They said “ Congratulations , you won $10,000 but you only have 3 hours to spend it or it comes back to us so spend it wisely.” I was so excited I didn’t even know what to do so I quickly got the information for the money and left.

Then , I ran outside and picked up my friends ( Heidi and Aubree ). None of them were ready because it was like 9:00 am. I had to wait patiently for them to get ready. Half an hour was already up , just waiting for them getting ready. I was trying to rush them so we can get this money spent. When they finally got done getting ready we headed for the mall (Ontario MIlls). I was excitingly telling them the story about my crazy morning. They were shocked as much as I was.

We finally arrived at the mall and quickly went to all the stores but we spent most of our times at 3 stores. We spent most of the time at Zumiez buying honey gear a.k.a Honey Brand co. The other place I spent lots of time at was the apple store, only because we bought new phones and that took the longest time because we had to wait 30 minutes for it to register, but i also bought an apple computer while i was there. While we were waiting we went to the Vans store next door and bought a few pairs of shoes each. We got our phones and left to go home. We spent all the money , well at least we thought.

We were driving home and noticed we had $100 left in the bank account. We had exactly 45 minutes left. We hurried to the grocery store and bought $50 worth of snacks and $50 dollars worth of food. We double checked the card to make sure there was NO MONEY left on the card. We were so relieved and happy that we spent all the money. Then we just walked home and talked about what a weird day it was.

Finally, we were home and my friends Heidi and Aubree ended up spending the night at my house. We watched Netflix until 3:00 am. We watched American Horror Story, Pretty Little liars, and Cupcake wars. All of us ended up having movie night. During ‘movie night’ we ate half of the snacks we bought at the grocery store. The next morning , the phone rang and it was from an unknown number. We decided not to answer it and move along with our day.