Blended Learning

Busby Public School - Teachmeet November 13, 2014

What is blended learning?

Blended Learning is a flexible 21st century pedgagogical approach to deliver a quality learning experience for students. Successful blended learning occurs when technology and teaching inform each other: material becomes dynamic by reaching students of varying learning styles and abilities. The teacher can reach and engage students in a truly customisable way by streamlining resources into one space. In this scenario, online education changes the status quo by enabling all students to engage with their learning in and outside of the classroom at a differentiated pace.

Teacher Benefits

Weebly is a flexible Web 2.0 platform that enables teachers to add content with a simple drag and drop modality, Learning can be grouped for scope and sequence and for differentiation. There is no need for teachers to load an assortment of web-based interactive tools on the IWB or instruct students to locate sites using a variety of URL's because all class members can simply access the website. Teachers are able to support sustainable school initiatives by reducing paper waste.

What does this theoretical model look like in practice?

Visit to view our classroom sample. Weebly is a free resource with an inexpensive Pro account fee of $45.00 AUD if you wish to upgrade, however, there is no obligation to do this. Your classroom site should reflect the limitlessness of your creativity.

What does Blended Learning look like at Busby Public School

Embedded multimedia to teach concepts
  • Embedded multimedia links to resources which support student knowledge of text level learning
  • Links to multimedia applications to enable students to respond to learning flexibly
  • Complimenting content with real-world connections, e.g. linking maps, photographs, research sites, videos etc.
  • News link connections to DOGO News and BTN
  • Digital storytelling e.g. access to storybird and embedding published works of student digital storytelling
  • Embedding Padlet as a reflection tool
  • Access to content outside of the classroom in preparation for future learning
  • Using Smores as an interactive guided reading activity and embedding tools within the smore to complete activities e.g. readwritethink,online dictionary
  • Responding to learning discussions through blogging and topic forums
but the potential is limitless!

Take a look at how Busby are transforming their learning spaces!