Cosmetics Influences

By: Julia Garcia

Do People Treat You Different When Your Wear Makeup

Personally I feel that nobody should treat you different if you wear makeup or not. In a study it say that the brain get distracted by imperfection ,its process less and so has a weaker social assessment of the person it is looking at, which mean you have a weaker bond with them.At the same time it also matter how much makeup you were too.Because if you wear to much or don't use it the right way it can change someones perspective about in a negative way ,so be careful in the way you use it and how your using . In a study they use the same girl four different time in each picture they makes the woman makeup look bolder and glamorous . The people that was make the experiment showed it to different people (man and woman) for a couple second and the study's show that it depend how much make is worn because in the study (Natural,Professional and Glamorous)matter too. Glamorous makeup are seen less trust worthy than Natural or professional makeup look. If you wear the right amount of makeup can make you seem trustworthy . Sadly make up make you seem different in study and to people but that should not be the case.
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Makeups Influence On Socitey

Make up has a very big impact on society know and day.It can usually determine what people think about you and how they judge you. I real never thought it would be a very big impact but it is know and days due to celebrates and T.V ads ,Magazines ,Social Media.This could lead teenagers to in depression and low-self esteem and stress because they can cause teens to have a perfect image that they have to achieve to fit in society . In a article l read "What Effects Does Make Up have on Our Society" says that " Most of these Ads are very much unrealistic ,Thurs causing teenagers to have unrealistic expectations of what society say they should strive to look like."Which I feel its kinda ridiculous but true because I ,myself go's thought the same thing in times. In the other hand it can be a positive thing for other woman and teens .It can help woman gain confident and self esteem because it can give them a flawless look and help them out in heir society .Another Influence is how people look at you and what you can get out of it . Have you girl ever hear that quote "first impression counts'? Well yes it does .When people see A Beautiful lady they usually can get the impersonation of Intelligent and powerful lady. I can also help you get a job and a good position.

The Pro's and Con's of wearing Makeup

Makeup can have its up's and down's ,but that doesn't mean that you should stop wearing make up ,but that doesn't mean you should wear make up all the time.

Here are more Pro's and Con's about make up:


  • Make up can Protect you skin for the sun If it has SPF . I can reduced the chance of you getting Skin Cancer
  • Self-Esteem - Yes make can be very helpful for woman to feel more comfortable/Confident with their skin and it can also help woman feel more beautiful.
  • Enhance our Natural Beauty
  • It help Highlight Woman facial features
  • Make up can cover those blemishes that we would want to hide and have a Flawless look
  • Make up can give you more of an awake look and fresh look if you haven't sleep enough or stayed up studying over night
  • When add color to you make up can improve and change a woman mood.


  • Makeup can cause skin problems
  • Makeup can contain harmful chemicals, color additives and preservatives
  • Some lipsticks can contain lead
  • Wearing Makeup all the time can damage you skin
  • Over time makeup can cause wrinkles and Hyper-pigmentation
  • Make up can give you a false look if not used right.
  • Make up can causes acne if you don't clean you face right
  • A woman who does not wear makeup can sleep more and get ready faster for work.
  • Using old make up can damage you skin due to harmful bacteria growing on your skin can can lead to acne
  • Woman that don't wear make may look younger and more natural

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Why Are Cosmetic So Expensive ?

I've away asked myself why and what makes makeup so expensive! Dose it have a special chemical or something? but NO! In a articles I read "The Cosmetics Racket: Why the Beauty Industry Can Get Away with Charging a Fortune for Makeup" it say "Essentially, the price of cosmetics is related to the image of the brand." Which is a ridiculous for a makeup band to charge so much for a simple foundation and face powder.Like Sephora one of the most know band in the makeup community due to their diversity and large amount of products and also for their expensive products.Some skin care product can cost you near 300 dollars that can cost you 2-5 dollars if you make it. Another thing that make cosmetic so expensive is the ingredients because ingredients account for no more than 15 percent of the cost of makeup. Another thing that can makeup the product so expensive is the packaging with can increase the product price by a lot. Another thing that con tribes to the price is how much of the product you get but you usually don't get as much of the product .The price of cosmetic are not based on the ingredients but to the packaging , marketing and and the simple fact.