My summer with science

At my cousins cabin for the 4th of July

Earth science, the big storm

When I was at my cousins cabin in Hayward Wisconsin there was a huge storm. This is example of Earth science. The huge storm uprooted trees, blew kayaks away, and send their diving dock flying. We had to chop up and then haul away fallen trees. The storm was my example of Earth science.

Something fun I did this summer

This was the first time I got up on a wake board. I have tried to wake board before but I have never gotten up. I think the hardest water sport between water skiing, wake boarding, water tubing, and wake skating that wake boarding the hardest. I was up for about one minuet.

Something interesting about myself is...

I have sports every day but Friday. I also have two sports practices on some days. I am very busy after school between school, piano, and sports. I play kessel basketball, J-cats basketball, and fc1974 soccer. Most if, not all of the time I turn in my homework on time