The Spanish-American War

Leyla Makhmudova

Dear Editor of New York Times,

I have read your stories in the Spanish American War. It is very terrifying to hear about the war in Spain, and the horror of the reconcentration camps that the the Cubans are being forced into. My family has been very upset and terrified by the thought that we may be next. My younger siblings are scared to go to school due to the treats. It frightens me to think that this could be true. I do hope that you change your writing tone, and have a better clear explanation for Americans to understand what is going on in their home towns.

Yours Truly,

Leyla M.

USS Maine and McKinely

On February 9th, I received a horrible letter that someone wrote for the President of the United States.Within it criticized our President calling him"weak and coward". The person of who wrote this upsetting letter was de Lome, its trying to say that our great president is hiding something from us. He sent our Prized USS Maine to the fight front in Cuba just to be destroyed by the Spanish. Pain if our enemy, they are the most hatred for us and Cubans.

Reporting the Battlefront

General William Shafte


7:00 A.M.

Shafte ordered an attack on the village in the burning hot weather. The Rough Riders served in the war as well in the 1898 in the San Juan Hill. Hundreds fell under Spanish gunfire before reaching the base of the heights, where the force split up into two flanks to take San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill. The men were tired and starving, the dry summer weather left them dehydrated and restless. As the war continued with the fear of the soldiers.

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Platt Amendment and Anti-Imperialist League.

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The Characters of the Cartoon

  • In the front with papers is Theodore Roosevelt and the one in the red pants is Uncle SAM watching as the argument continues between McKinley and Democrat Byran.
  • While the two in the front left are McKinley and Democrat Byran going at it with raising the flag of america and cutting it down.
  • Bryan is more on the Anti-imperialism side where he wanted the islands to be free from the US.
  • And McKinley was more towards the Platt Amendment stating the US can intervene with Cuba if in trouble or need help.