5th Grade Challenge Newsletter

April 2014

The Challenge Revolution is upon us!

Hi Parents,

This month of April is very exciting as the students will be embarking on an adventure in teams called the Challenge Revolution. Modeled off of the Revolutionary War, the students will participate in different "battles" or rounds. Each round will allow the students to learn all about the Revolutionary War and the hardships that the American people endured in order to be a free country. The attachment below gives more details about the Challenge Revolution, including a calendar that gives all of the homework for this month. Wish us luck as we join as teams to learn about this eventful time period in our history!

Fieldtrip to Independence Hall!

Wednesday, April 16th, 8:30am

520 Chestnut St

Philadelphia, PA

Students need to do the following:

1 - Bring a ready to eat on-the-go and nut-free lunch (unless you ordered from the cafeteria).

2 - Wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear.

3 - There will not be time to go shopping, so please do not bother bringing extra money.

4 - You may bring electronic devices, but the students are responsible for their own belongings.

Seminar Discussions

Over the past couple of weeks the students participated in a seminar discussion about the Declaration of Independence and other events in history leading up to the Revolutionary War. During this discussion the students did an excellent job! They were given some starter questions and took time to answer these questions independently. When together our conversations took many twists and turns and was really enlightening. The students appeared to enjoy the seminar discussion format of class too. We plan to do another seminar discussion about the Constitution next month!