Sarah Rosetta Wakeman


Sarah Rosetta Wakeman

Sarah Rosetta Wakeman was a woman who dressed up as a man to fight in the war. She would write letters and sent pictures to her family. Later on her family published the letters. She was a post guard in Alexandria, Virginia and then they had her fight in the Red River Campaign. When the others comrades were unwell from sickness she persevered. She fought against the Confederacy. On May 3rd she was put in a hospital for chronic diarrhea. Then she went to a hospital in New Orleans, when she arrived there she was very sick and on June 19, 1864 she died.

Above are pictures of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman

7 interesting facts

1. There was no fact that they figured out that she was actually a girl

2. She didn't really want to get married.

3. She was the oldest of 9 children

4. She was born January 16, 1843

5. She lived to be 21 years old

6. Her family was a small farming business

7. She started working for the war in 1862. So she only worked in the army for 2 years

3 Questions

1. Why didn't she join the army sooner?

2. Why didn't she want to get married?

3. Did she work with her family on the farm?