Nautica & Katie's Babysitting

We aren't educated with classes. Reference if needed.

Our care is so trustworthy, It's hard to believe we're only teenagers!

Any parent that has a child that me and Katie Emery could babysit would be great. Were responsible kids who would like to engage in responsibility and make our own money. Message me please if you are interested. We are both 13 years of age. We are also in 7th grade so nights wouldn't work, maybe weekends. I know it seems like we are to young but we would really like to show our parents that we can be responsible kids. I make highest honors and honors and Katie is a A-B student! I'm also in student council. We both do extra curriculum classes after school so our hours would have to work around. Summer is also coming up so scheduling during summer would be good too!! Please help us achieve our goal of being better responsible girls.

Our hours would have to be anytime after 3:00 weekdays. Weekends would be negotiated.

$5.00 an hour weekdays ( Monday-Friday)

7.00 an hour weekends ( Saturday-Sunday)

Contact info!

(Parent consent is used when scheduling occurs.)