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Volume 2, Edition 25 April 23, 2021



A big Stinger Shout Out to Asah Jenkins (pictured below), a junior in our International Baccalaureate Career-related Program. Asah was just elected to the office of State Reporter for the South Carolina Health Occupations Students of America [HOSA]. This is Asah's first year as a member of the HOSA chapter, making the accomplishment even more impressive. Along with the appointment of officer comes a qualification to participate in the Washington Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C. Through this experience students come in contact with other state officer leaders from all over the United States. When asked about her future aspiriations, Asah stated she would like to become a cardiovascular surgeon. She is certainly taking great steps toward that goal today!

We are so proud of you Asah and excited to see your future accomplishments!

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Several IHS students recently participated in a state-wide Economics challenge competition. And they crushed it!! Teams from Irmo High School took the qualifying test and won first, second the third places. Congratulations to our IHS-FIVE team "The Back Street Girls" who WON the state-wide David Ricardo competition! Congratulations to the "Kody" team who placed second! Congratulations to the "Onomatopoeia" team who placed third! There is a list of the student names from each team with their pictures below.

In addition to congratulating each and every one of our students, we would like to acknowledge their teachers; Sarah Ostergaard, Kyle Yobs, Jeremy Duffy and Lisa Boulware, as well as FIVE teacher, Steve Fisher. This is an amazing accomplishment for all!

Members of the 1st Place team will now go on to the National Semi-Final Round. Congratulations to all and Good Luck on the next round!!

To see our social media posts, you can click on the following links:


PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) is a program used at Irmo High School that teaches and encourages students to identify, set and achieve healthy goals. Each quarter there is a PBIS celebration, which rewards the students for their hard work and progress. Pictured below are some of our students in the International Baccalaureate [IB] program. They are engaged in service work by completing preparations for the upcoming PBIS celebration, which will take place on April 30 during student lunches. We are so proud of our civic minded Yellow Jackets. Thank you for assisting with this positive project!!


Here are some great photos of Ms. Huey's Probability and Statistics class. They are comparing classical and empirical probabilities using Skittles and dice. Who says Math is boring?! Compute the rainbow! #ThisIsIrmo
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College Indicators:

20 or higher on the ACT

1020 or Higher on SAT

Three or Higher on AP Exam

Four or Higher on IB Exam

6 Hrs of Dual Enrollment Credit (with a C or better)

Career Indicators:

Silver or Higher on WIN

32 or Higher on ASVAB

40 hours of WBL (Senior Internship)

*CTE Completer + Career Certification



We are very happy to congratulate our own Karen Bundrick, District Job Coach, who has been accepted to the Clemson Graduate Program! In August, Ms. Bundrick will begin her journey towards a PhD in Special Education Leadership.

Ms. Bundrick is pictured on the left wearing a shirt from Bitty and Beau's in Charleston, SC. It is a amazing coffee shop run by individuals with disabilities. It is so indicitive of the heart and passion Ms. Bundrick has for Special Education students, families and the community.

We are so proud for Ms. Bundrick and for Clemson as they are as lucky to have her as we are!!! #IrmoStrong


We would like to congratulate Ms. Cherise Jacobs [pictured] for her appointment to the Virtual SC School Advisory Board for 2021-2022!! As per their website, "The goal of the VirtualSC School Advisory Board is to obtain direct feedback from School Counselors, Administrators and Teachers in order to improve and evolve the VirtualSC program to best serve the needs of students. Board members provide feedback on registration cycles, program policy and procedure, program flexibility, communication and overall program improvement and vision."

This Board does important work for our students and it is an honor to be selected as a part of their mission. Ms Jacobs is an excellent selection as she has dedicated nearly 2 decades of service to students and education.

To read more about the Advisory Board and Ms. Jacobs, the link to their website is here:


The IHS Education Foundation (IHSEF) is a nonprofit separate from the school with the mission to support academics at Irmo High School International School for the Arts. The Foundation is comprised of members of the community, school staff and school volunteers. Their time is completely on a volunteer basis and outside school hours. The IHSEF also sponsors and executes the Irmo Hall of Fame inductions. In lieu of their mission to support resources and opportunites at IHS, the Foundation offers Teacher Grants twice a year. The IHSEF is pleased to congratulate and support the following teachers/programs!

  • Matt Hedden (Science): Grant funds will be used to purchase of a CNC Router, which is a specialized tool for cutting. This will be used by the IHS robotics team, the Pandamaniacs to help them in education and competition.
  • Analisa Smith, Sarah Leverett (SPED): "Remote learning comes with many unique challenges. The virtual classroom calls for multiple means of engagement for student choice and individualized instruction. Dr. Analisa Smith and Mrs. Sarah Leverett have combined digital resources and new technology tools to remove barriers and meet the needs of all our learners. This grant allows the students to partake of lessons that are engaging and interactive in design while still maintaining virtual and distancing guidelines. Through the grant, IHS Learning Strategies and IHS FIVE teachers will also have access to a shared repository of accessible templates and tested interactive lessons to use with digital and technology driven F2F instruction. Thank you, IHSEF!" - Analisa Smith & Sarah Leverett
  • Christine Hampton (SPED): Grant funds will be used for the purchase of items for SPED classrooms. These items will be used the classroom enironment as well as for learning and instruction.
  • The purchase of PBIS items to be used as rewards for the 2021-2022 academic year. PBIS is an anacronym for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. This program encourages positive feedback and awards not only for behavioral excellence, but progress toward improvement. It also educates students on how to create and achieve heathly emotional and social goals. "Grant funds will be used to purchase event tickets, t-shirts, and prizes to stock our PBIS store. These funds will allow us to purchase incentives we know the students want. Budgets are tight and the IHSEF grant doubled our yearly budget! We can do twice as much as we planned thanks to IHSEF. PBIS is most grateful for the generous grant and the great work it will allow us to do." - Catherine Gallegos - PBIS/SEL Committee Chair
  • Funds for a PBIS/SEL celebration at Pelican's for our IHS-FIVE students
  • College-and-Career-Readiness Committee (CCR):

    "The college and career readiness committee desired to acknowledge virtual students who were unable to attend in-school celebrations. To address this vital need, the committee elected to write this grant to seek funding so that all students would receive an incentive for being CCR. In South Carolina, a student is considered college and career ready by meeting at least one or all of the marks listed in the CCR student spotlight article above." - Charity Simmons CCR Committee Chair


Congratulations to our amazing, supportive Yellow Jacket, Linda Byars [pictured below], on winning a District 5 Foundation grant! She was one of seven in the district to receive grants for their creative instructional projects as part of a "Paddling For Teachers" canoe paddling event in October last year. Click here to learn more.
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Each year the South Carolina Department of Education hosts an annual statewide event to recognize high school seniors who have chosen to serve our country by enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces or attending one of our distinguished military service academies. In order to ensure that all IHS students who qualify are recognized, students should complete this form no later than May 2, 2021. If you have questions please contact Ms. Rice, Career Specialist, at or by visiting Room 106. Upon completing this form you will be contacted with further directions.

The virtual celebration will air on May 27, 2021. A red, white, and blue honor cord will be distributed to all students who qualify to wear at graduation ceremonies.


Decision Day Kickback will be held on May 7th in the Back of the Media Center during all lunches! Students should only attend during your assigned lunch period. FIVE Students are welcome to attend during the FIVE lunch period ( 11:35am-12:05pm) but must complete the form below, which can also be accessed by this link to confirm your attendance.

You can also view the official Decision Day flier, which is attached to this week's Buzz.



DATE:APRIL 26, 2021

TIME: 8:30AM

LOCATION: Computer Lab 137


DATE: APRIL 30, 2021

TIME: 11:30AM



Exam Schedule - 2nd Semester

For your convenience and reference, the exam schedule is attached to this week's Buzz. Exams will be taking place from June 3 - 15. You can also view this document anytime on the Irmo High School website. Just click on the link labeled "2020-2021 Exam Schedule, including Spring Semester," on the right hand side of the homepage. That page is also linked here:


Attached to this week's Buzz is important information regarding AP exams. The fliers contain test prep information, terms and conditions, dates and ALL things AP testing. Please click on these for more information and resources.


Irmo High School has been approved by the International Baccalaureate Assessment Team to shift our assessment method for the May 2021 testing session. We are moving to a form of assessment that IB has named the Calculated Route. Under this route, students will not sit for IB exams in May 2021. Students' IB scores will be calculated based on their Internal Assessments and Predicted Grades. This decision was made in collaboration with our Office of Instruction to ensure that all students have equal access to meet the assessment requirements for the IB Diploma or Career certificate. IB is providing this model as a choice for schools because, under the traditional model, make-up IB exams are not offered.

Please note, this assessment model applies only to the final IB score that students will receive. It does not correlate to the grade in the class. Students will continue learning the content and curriculum for their IB courses for the remainder of the year and take end-of-year assessments at the school level. They will receive a final grade for the class and the appropriate GPA weighting as they do in all other IHS courses.

Contact Mrs. Prochak if you have any questions at lprochak@lexrich5.or


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If you miss a call from 476-3000, please check your voicemail to see if the caller left a message. The number that appears on your caller ID is the main number for the front office, and unfortunately, ALL outgoing lines in the school show this number. If you know who you missed a call from, we are able to connect you to your caller. We do encourage staff placing calls to leave messages.
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