By: William Jaimes

Doctors help!

(Let's get started). So today for inference you have to go the doctor for like surgery for something for like almost 78% chance it's for hip, or stomach. And today you might have a little pain for a while but it will end up healing. That is what doctors do even shots hurt you and you hate doctors. But someday if you are hurt and you don't go to the doctor, you wouldn't seeing your self today. That's why doctors do help, so I think doctors are cool! (And I hope you too).

Doctors who save us!

Doctors are people who have resumed many people that are near death. But some people are not afraid an Stand up and be brave to take charge. Incase of an emergency for when it happens not like a drill. These people work to save our lives. So if they didn't we might not be here right now. Also lastly this doctor one of a kind doctor who make sures this make sure this person is nice and healthy.
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Hours per week/day

Doctors who work a long time they usual work 24 hours a day. And over 100 hours a week wich is over. More than full time like 40 hours is you might stay in for a while you might earn more money. And people who are experts there boss tells them there more patients for you to stay in. And might double your paycheck doctors might work for over 100 hours a week. Over 24 hours a day.

Duties of the job.

The duties of to being a doctor is if you are a medical doctor like I will be when I grow up I be a medical doctor when problems happen it might drill. They might but when it is a real. You immediately have to rush get the patient and see what's wrong. You might do something unusual but that's normal you will end up getting used to it. But one day when it is really bad there might be houndreds of patients. There might be to many if there's not enough of doctors to handle but that is rare!

Schooling required

For the degree first you end up needing a degree called a medical degree. That's so when you get applied you might have to show them first right away or show them after. You fill out a bunch of paper work and if you think some stuff in school is hard just wait to fill out like a 1000000 page test not really for the class/or schooling you need to complete a full A+ science curriculum complete not fully perfect but that's the schooling you need and take care of yourself.

Skills for this job.

For this job to be a Medical doctor who helps you need to go to school and study. Evan more than all and study the importance of body parts and have to tell for the test . If you want the job you might need stuff. For an example people smart, myself smart and more for the top highest smarts from you. And however you need to them to excel in there speciality.

Career feild

I will be a pediatrician doctor that works with children. Also exams, surgerys is there when a bay is about to born. When someone has a broken bone they take exams and see it. Surgerys are when it means some injury is major and needs a procedure to be taking in. And when someone is having a baby you need to be right there to help the 1-person to get by there side if something happens like if the baby is sick you really know what to do!

Negative about this job.

So when you work full time 40 hours a week. maybe less or Evan more but it might paycheck. Number two is you are planning a vacation and your boss needs you bad but you haved to leave you decide. Make the wrong choice and maybe might get fired from there and was one day. Lastly you plan to have relaxing weekend and boss calls to in every day if the weekend and week and you are exhausted what will you do if you can't like your sick too.

3 facts about doctors!

Did you know: So regular jobs have like a full time job for 40 hours doctors work maybe over 100 hours a week!

Did you know: There are over 30 types of doctor jobs for helping and care for all!

Did you know: some people when there heart is about to dye at like 1% some people who study gone to school to learn know and most people don't but they lived due to perfect work!