Pothier Newsletter

January 2016

Message From Principal

Dear Parents and Families,
Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful vacation and happy holidays! We have lots of events coming up. We want to invite you to our next SIT meeting on January 12, 2016 at 8 am in the conference room at Pothier. I would also like to invite parents and families to our Principal Coffee Hour on Tuesday, January 11, 2016 from 9am to 9:45 am.

Our school website has been updated to include Parent Resources which houses the Eureka Math Resource for Parents, as well as many other useful resources. I am also a Tweeter so please take a look at what is happening in our building through our school website. All events are posted on the school calendar as well.

Please remember that school begins at 8:45 and students must be signed in with an adult after 8:45 am. Breakfast ends at 8:45 and a grab-n-go ends at 9 am.

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office. We welcome suggestions too!
Mrs. Celeste Conti
School Princpal
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Preschool News

This month our Pre-K students will be learning all about signs of winter. We will talk about all of the clothing that we need to wear to keep ourselves warm. We will also learn about various activities that we can do in winter such as build a snowman or going sledding. Weather permitting, we may even be able to bring some snow into the classroom to explore and play with.


Kindergarten News

Wow, this year is flying by in Kindergarten! Our students have grown and learned so much since the beginning of the school year. This month in Reading Workshop, will we be concluding our Fairytales Unit and beginning our Making Connections Unit. In Eureka Math, the students will be working on comparing objects with length, weight and capacity and will continue to practice numbers 1 to 10. Please continue to work on letters, sight words and numbers with your child at home. We are looking forward to another great month!

First Grade News

First grade students in the month of December worked hard in Math, Reading and Writing. Some classes traveled the world and learned about customs and cultures in different countries. Other classes were in the spirit of giving! They practiced random acts of kindness towards others.

Please continue to read nightly with your child and talk about the books after they read. Remember.... don't tell your child a word they don't know. Encourage them to you the strategies they are learning to figure out words. This is the same for writing, encourage your child to tap out the sounds they hear in words and write the sounds.

Thanks to all the parents who support their first graders at home.

Second Grade News

Second graders are working hard to master concepts in addition and subtraction as they are presented in the Eureka math program. Please continue to support your student with a quiet environment in which to complete homework. Second graders should also enjoy 30 minutes or more of quiet reading time to build fluency and comprehension in texts. In writing, students should automatically know that correct sentence structure begins with a capital letter and ends in a punctuation mark. As many times as we say it, some students are still struggling to remember this. Other housekeeping issues include the necessity to tie one's shoes. Please practice! While glue sticks were the coveted item in first grade, in second grade we cannot have enough tissues or disinfectant wipes. Both items will help to keep our rooms clean and our kids healthy. If you can donate, our students would surely appreciate it! Happy New Year to all our families!

Parent Corner

Eureka Math got you frazzled?

Need help with your child's homework?

Check out the link below:


PTO Corner

We have an upcoming PTO meeting on January 12 at 5:30pm. We are asking parents, grandparents, and caretakers to join us to discuss fundraising and up coming events. We still have a treasurer spot open and are always looking for volunteers for events. It is important to fundraise as it helps bring down the cost of field trips, so the more people, the more ideas, the better the fundraising. So if you can please come and help support your child(ren) and school!
Thank you
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Library News

Reading is so important! Take time to read to your child/children each night and let them practice reading to you! We will have a voluntary winter library project. Talk with your child about your favorite winter books. Pick one favorite winter story and create a winter hat with a scene from the book. Don't forget to write your name and room number on the back of the winter hat. Please include the title and the author of the book on the front of the hat. All hats will be put on the library windows during the month of January for everyone to enjoy! Come and look at our windows to see what other families like to read during the winter books. Maybe you will see a new book that you might want to read!

Have fun Reading and I hope that you enjoy creating your winter hats! I can't wait to see your favorite winter stories. All participants will be entered into a drawing for a free book!

Thank you!

Mrs. Phillips

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