Friday Notes for LMS Staff

November 3, 2017

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Binder check for Wednesday, November 8: Explo 1-5-7

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, November 6: Leadership

Wednesday, November 8: All staff must be in PLC for Get it Modules 1 & 2

Department Meeting Week: See your department chair for more information

See the iTech PSA below with information from Jennifer Tupper

American Fidelity here on campus November 7th all day in the lounge!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be Thursday, November 2nd from 5- 8 and Friday, November 3rd from 8 - noon. Team leaders will need to get me what rooms teams will meet in. PTA will be providing dinner on Thursday starting at 3 pm. You may wear jeans and a LMS shirt on Thursday and Friday.

Middle School Collaboration Days

The following departments will meet for collaboration days at Norman High School in room 703. Please get with Linda to get a subcode. Please do not wait to put in for a sub. As soon as you get the code, put it into SmartFind.

  • October 30 & December 1: Science Department
  • October 16 & November 13: Language Arts Department
  • October 23 & November 17: Math Department
  • November 6: Social Studies Department (another day will be coming)

LMS Help Desk through iTech goes live!

If you are having problems with your MacBook or need assistance from someone in iTech, get help at This is for students only. You can continue to use for staff assistance.

Looking for furniture

We are looking for a sofa table or entry table for the front office. I am willing to paint it. IF you are thinking of cleaning out, let us know first.
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General Education teachers required for IEP and 504 meetings:

Per the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) of '97, Part B specifies the requirements regarding regular education teachers in the IEP process: The IEP team [meeting] for each child with a disability must include at least one regular education teacher of the child. Additionally, other school staff (special education teachers additionally certified in a content area, counselors previously certified in a content area, etc.) may not be substituted for the regular education teacher.

The IEP team required by law: the parent(s), each general education teacher on the student's schedule, the student's IEP Teacher of Record, a school district representative (administrator and/or counselor), an evaluator (school psychologist), the student, a translator if needed, a parent advocate and a friend of the family (to provide emotional support).

If a teacher is not able to attend the IEP meeting, he/she should provide a short narrative to the TOR covering the student's progress in the class, accommodations/modifications which work or don't work well in class, and any other relevant information needed for the team to make informed decisions.

Switch in Schedule

To accommodate for an 8th-grade field trip and Veteran's Day, we will have an altered schedule on Friday, November 10. We will be switching 5th and 6th period.