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Latest UFO sightings – In this video you could see a ring – shape UFO in front and beside the Sun. The ring appears as three rings but it could be to its huge speed. This is a rare catcha but this kind or rings have been seen several times before in the last few years.
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Aseel Badiyan said he was using his camera to take shots of the mountains, nearly 90 km from the capital Sanaa, when the object shot across his lens.

Commenting on the photograph, a well-known Saudi astronomer said he had checked the picture and found that it was authentic.

“I have surfed the internet for similar sightings worldwide and found that the picture I captured is the clearest so far…I believe that those who are behind such objects are advanced people who possess a very intelligent civilization,” Badiyan told Saudi and Yemeni newspapers.

Quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel, deputy chairman of the Saudi astronomy association, Sharaf Al Sifyati, said:”There is no doubt that we are not alone in this spacious universe and that there are other creatures which only God knows.”

He added:”When this Yemeni photographer contacted me and showed me that picture, I felt that he was telling the truth..I checked the picture and found that is authentic and does not involve any tricks or tampering….as for that object, I believe it is strange and unfamiliar but I am not sure it is a space object because these phenomena remain a possibility rather than a reality…I think this incident has to be fully investigated.”

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