Chinese Inventions: Decimals Abacus

Usmaan A. Camila R.

The Decimal System

The Decimal System: China, Fourteenth Century BCE. The Chinese wrote with characters instead of an alphabet. When writing with a Western alphabet of more than nine letters, there is a feeling to go on with words like eleven. With Chinese characters, ten is ten-blank and eleven is ten-one (zero was left as a blank space: 405 is 'four blank five'), This was much easier than inventing a new character for each number. Having a decimal system from the beginning was a big advantage in making mathematical advances for the world. The first evidence of decimals in Europe is in a Spanish manuscript of 976 CE.
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The top bead equals 5. There are sometimes 5 or 4 beads on the bottom depending on which Abacus Decimal System you use

How it affected

The Abacus affect them by:

The abacus affects them by, helping them add, subtract, multiply, and divide easier and faster than how we multiply, subtract, add, and divide. It is also easier for them to do it that way because they grew up learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with the decimal system or the abacus it also helps your brain processes thing faster than us. They had to learn how to use the abacus really fast or their teachers would get mad at them.
Amazing Abacus Math Video
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