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Monday Mail: IVCF News and Announcements

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Hello hello hello!!!

I am so thankful for life and God many blessings and the amount of grace he has poured on me. I hope you all feel this. We all have moments when we feel discouraged, but God will continue to lift us up, guide us through life, give us peace and rest, He is greater than every trial or tear. I say this because I know how hard the last two weeks of a term are, and how much you want to give up...maybe even (dare I say it) curse God. Job was in a similar position, thought I think his plight was a lot more severe than our own (come on, think about this while you are in your little pity party; I'm no better), yet her never cursed God, never turned away from faith. Remember Job as you go through these weeks: if he could do it so can you!

I will let you all know that as positions have officially changed on the IVCF exec board I will be moving on to my role and this will be the last e-mail I send and your PR chairperson. I have genuinely loved sending out these e-mails to you all every week (even when it seemed that nobody read them :D), but I look forward to leading now as President, and would like you all to welcome Deanna Stout as your new PR Chair by READING HER E-MAIL!!! and checking out the board in Seymour Gallery once she updates it.

Again, thanks for the great year, I love you all!!! Now CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU TO TAKE PART IN FELLOWSHIP THIS WEEK!!!

Small Groups and Times

Freshman Bible Study

Mondays from 7:00-8:00 pm

Old Main Common Room (2nd floor)

Contact Sarah Choi for more info (schoi@knox.edu)

Men's Bible Study

Saturdays from 7:30-8:30 pm

Compass Room

Contact Roberto Davila for more info (radavila@knox.edu)

Women's Bible Study

Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm

Old Main 201 (2nd floor)

Contact Miranda Hallmark for more info (mjhallmark@knox.edu)

Friday Night Large Group Fellowship: Senior Testimonies

This Friday will be a time , as it is our last Large Group of the year, for the Seniors who will be graduating and leaving us to give a short, or long, testimony of their faith and growth through life, from the last four years or even just the last term...whatever they want to share.

Any Senior interested in sharing would be more than welcome to, and if you could, let Sarah Choi, our new Large Group Coordinator, know before Friday so we know how many to expect. That being said, if you decide last minute that is totally awesome too!

God Bless and see you soon!!!

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