Reforms of The 19th Century

Hannah Nelson

Abolition Reform

The 1820's Abolitionist reform was to free African Americans from slavery arose. The leader of this reform was a white man named William Lloyd Garrison, another leader was an African American man known as Fredrick Douglass, he was known for his paper called the "North Star", He to was a slave.
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Women's Right Reform

throughout the 1800's opportunity for women to be educated increased. For example Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott had both been ardent abolitionist. in 1848, more than 300 women participated in a women's right convention in Seneca Falls, NY.
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Educational Reform

Education reformers wanted to improve public schools, The greatest reformer for education was Horace Mann, he established training programs,improved the curriculum, and doubled money Massachusetts spent on school.First public university was UNC Chapel Hill.
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Temperance Reform

This movement was to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol linked to sickness, poverty, and breakups of families.
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Mental Health Reform/ Prison Reform

Dorthea Dix was the greatest reformer for prisoners and the mentally ill. She wanted to create separate facilities for both. By the time of her death, 100 facilities were established in the U.S.
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