Kindergarten News

April 28, 2017

Learning Celebration

Friday, May 5th, 8:15am

DFES Mini-theater

Our class will be hosting the Pre-K - 2nd Grade Learning Celebration. The program will be about 15 minutes long. All of our students will be participating. Please plan to join us!

Writing Workshop

We are continuing to convince others while writing persuasive letters.

Reading Workshop

We are avid readers!

Shared reading

Aaron is leading the class in reading a poem in union.
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Math Workshop

Autumn is creating some terrific equations while working in Math Workstations.
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We are keeping an eye on our duck eggs. We candled the eggs (looked at them in a dark room with a flashlight). We could see movement in each egg! How exciting!

We hatched butterflies this week in our Butterfly House.

Egg Drop Experiment

Everyone is anxiously awaiting their turn to drop the packaged egg from the playground above.
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Sy'Miyah shared an egg experiment she and her family conducted at home!

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Farewell to Miss Lindsey, our DF Teacher Cadet

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Addison's Birthday!

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Butterfly release

How exciting it was to release our butterflies! We had 5 Pink Ladies that we observed while they transformed in their chrysalises.