Watch What You Do Online!

Be careful what you do and post online kids!

You know what you can and can't do! Don't tell someone something you know will affect you later on!

Never tell people you going to do anything to harm them, they could always be someone that lives in your town too.

Never call someone names or make fun of them, No one is perfect! We are all human beings!

You could hurt their feelings! You could even get in BIG trouble! So before you post anything bad about someone, always ask yourself this question: "Will this come around to get me?" Or even, "Would I want someone saying this to me?"

Don't Post Very Private information online! You can't control where it could end up!

And Never talk to people you don't know in real life, they might be able to find you! Or even harm you!

Please spread the word!

We need people to realize being online is not a game! Anything can happen!
[LYRICS] Frame of Mind - Tristam & Braken