Information About Having Right Brain Hemispheric Dominance.


When you're right brain dominant one trait you can possibly have is being intuitive. Intuition is when you know if something is right or wrong solely based on your gut feeling. You may not know what the answer to something was before but you are sure on what to do because of the voice in your head saying what to do.

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Another strenth when your right brain dominant is having a vivid imagination. Imagination creates all of these ideas and worlds in your mind that only yourself can create. One person's imagination can be totally different from another person's. What makes the world so diverse is that everyone's imagination is different. Your imagination makes you who you are no matter how imaginative you are.

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When someone is in tune with their feelings they know what is best for them to do at that certain time. When you know how you feel you know how to keep feeling happy if you are happy and if you feel sad you know what it will take to remove the sadness. Your feelings also determine whether you like something or not.

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