Tip #15 - Unwrapping

November 13, 2014 - BEST District

Unwrapping Standards

The very sound of unwrapping standards makes me think of Christmas. Who doesn't want to open a gift to see a standard or two? Ok more seriously, unwrapping standards is crucial to creating learning targets that adequately guide students along learning paths. Unwrapping standards can seem daunting, but it really just takes practice. Hopefully these tools will help you the next time you need do a little unwrapping.

Acuity Round 2

The Acuity Window opens for:

  • Acuity Predictive B Science (Grades 4 & 6): 12/3-12/16
  • Acuity Predictive B Social Studies (Grades 5 & 7): 12/3-12/16
  • Acuity Readiness 2 ELA/Math (Grades 3-8): 12/8-12/19