A Christmas Carol

Why You Should Read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

In the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens there are events that help you understand the meaning of Christmas. For example, when the ghost of Christmas past came to visit Scrooge to show him how great his past Christmases were. The ghost showed Scrooge a scene where he and his co-workers all had a Christmas Party, and how fun it was. Also the ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge how happy families were this time of year, and how grateful they were. Scrooge saw a scene where Bob Cratchit (his employee) had Christmas dinner with his family, and saw how grateful they were for a small meal. In addition, the ghost of Christmas yet to come showed Scrooge what it would be like if he continued to be gloomy about Christmas. It showed Scrooge that he would die alone with no one caring for him. In conclusion, A Christmas Carol teaches you why Christmas should be merry.

Sacrifices Made

In the book A Christmas Carol Scrooge has to scarifice being selfieh about his money. This was a hard scarifice for him because he always work to make money, and doesn't donate. But in the book Scrooge finally was not selfish and gave some of his money away to the others that needed it. I have to make sacrifices like Scrooge too. A scarifice I had to make was missing a day of dance, because I had to finish my homework.