Teens Using Social Networks

Many teens log onto social networking sites everyday. The things that we are going to talk about are what you should and shouldn’t do while on the internet and social networking sites. The main point is not talking to people when you don’t know them like if they are chatting you and they tell you to do something you should not even talk to them again.

First of all, never accept chat requests sent by total strangers. You can only accept them from people you have met in person. Always remember that the person on the other side of the chat may not be someone who “has everything in common with you”. You can be seriously hurt or killed if you do decide to meet up with someone you met online.

If you are posting pictures you should never post an inappropriate pictures because even though you regret doing that some might have seen it and might have copied it to their desktop.Also, never post pictures of someone without their permission because would you want someone posting a picture of you online and letting some weirdo stranger seeing an embarrassing picture of you and downloading it onto his computer. It can also ruin a friendship.

If you want to leave a social networking site, make sure to shut down your account. You can either to this by emailing the company, or temporarily shut it down. If you just want to leave the website for a couple months, I would suggest temporarily shutting down your account so you don’t have to re-enter all your information.

If you are starting a gaming or social network you need to read site rules even though you want to start right away you need to read the rules. If you don’t read over the rules you could get in big trouble because the company would call your parents phone the people would tell your parent what happened and you would get in trouble by the parents and also the company. If you don’t read the rules and break the rules you could get kicked off the site and be band from the site.

Now that you know all this information on staying safe online, you should be fine. This is all you need to know.