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Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand. Strictly speaking, Bangkok is not the name of the capital, although foreigners use it universalmente.Bangkok means "wild plum village 'is the name of part of the Thon Buri side of the river. Thus, Bangkok is known in Thai as Krung Thep Mahanakhon meaning "city of angels". It was a small trading post at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River during the Ayutthaya Kingdom. He came to the forefront of Siam when she received the capital city status in 1768 after the burning of Ayutthaya. However, the current Rattanakosin Kingdom did not begin until 1782 when Rama I moved the capital to the Rattanakosin Island, after the death of King Taksin. The Rattanakosin capital is now formally called "Phra Nakhon" pertaining to the ancient boundaries at the heart of the metropolis and the name Bangkok incorporates the urban build-up since the eighteenth century, with its own public administration and governor. During the last two hundred years, Bangkok has grown to become the political, social and economic center of not only Thailand but for Indochina and Southeast Asia. His influence on art, politics, fashion, education and entertainment as well as in business, has provided to Bangkok global city status. The city has a population of about 8.5 million people while the great Bangkok area has 11,971,000 inhabitants (January 2008) .2 This, in turn, has changed since the country has gone from being a fairly homogenous to an increasingly vibrant mix of Western, with groups from India and China, giving the city a cosmopolitan Thai population status.


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Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

Baiyoke Tower II

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of Dawn

Khao San Road

Chao Phraya

Lumpini park

wat arun

tiger cave temple

wat pho

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restaurant Sirocco

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this is the currency of bangkok

the currency is a bahts

çthis link is for 1 euro to 39.93 bahts

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The National Museum

Located in the Palace of Wang Nawas founded 1874 King Rama V . National Museum exposed objects representing the history of Thailand

the price and schedule : Open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm and entrance costs 200 bth.

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Theatre Siam Niramit

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typical food in bangkok

the typical food in bangkok is PAD THAI
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is a former professional tennis player , tennis coach and presenter of Spanish television , currently living in Bangkok , Thailand.

From 2010 to 2013 he presented the Frank program of the jungle which aired on Cuatro and Energy ( both owned by Mediaset Spain ), which received an Ondas Award on 8 November 2011.3 also presented La Selva House , which likewise was issued in Four . From 2013 until 2014 he presented in the same chain Frank Natural program. In March 2014 Discovery MAX announced the signing of Frank Cuesta, who presents the program Frank Wild .

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religion in bangkok

Clear majority religion in Thailand is Buddhism with 95 % of supporters. Buddhism practiced mainly in Thailand is the Theravada school , considered by some as the "original" Buddha's teachings. It is also practiced in Laos , Burma , Cambodia and Sri Lanka and its popularity is increasing in other countries.

Many young people choose to be apprentice monk or Nehn , at one point in their lives ( not as often happens with women ) . It is common to spend 3 months in a temple learning about the principles of Buddhism and bringing the same way of life that the monks.

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customs in bangkok

- One of the things that we do whenever we enter a facility or home is take off our shoes and go barefoot. This tradition is related to the fact keep the place clean

- Within the Buddhist tradition foot or rather the sole is dirty or impure body area. Apart from having to descalzarte never show the sole and no signs ever with his foot. If you sit on the ground, such as in a restaurant never show people's feet.

- In the same way that the foot is the most unclean part of the body, the head is quite the opposite. One thing that is wrong view is touching the head people, especially children.

- Understand that the voice of the West when we talk is usually very high. It is respectful when you speak and if you do it over with a smile will be much better.

- The King and the rest of the royal family is an institution respected by Thais. Never disrespect, you could get into a real problem

- Remember that when visiting temples and religious sites is polite to do with proper attire. In many of the temples you visit you not to force it but understand that it is not polite to do so without shirt or or bikini for example.

- Samples of endearment or affection with your partner understands that should be moderate or make them private. Couples in Thailand do not usually kiss in public.

- If you are a woman not practice top read on the beaches, it is considered a lack of great respect and is legally penalized. He understands that in general society in Thailand is very conservative and who are not to judge or impose our Western view

Traditions in bangkok

Many traditions and customs of the locals may seem quite nice and fun to observe. The natives follow these traditions for many hundreds of years. For example, you can see a small wooden house next to each house or a public institution and store. It is made for the "keeper of the home" a kind spirit that protects the owner and his house from all troubles. After moving to a new home, the owner must first make a small house for the keeper. Subsequently, he needs to make generous gifts to the spirit. Usually these are fruits, beautiful flowers and sweets. It is believed that if you follow these rules and make the spirit happy, it will bring good luck and prosperity to the house.
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Means of transport in bangkok


The typical station consists of two levels - concourse and platform. The concourse provides ticketing facilities and other passenger amenities as well as access to the system. The platform is for waiting, boarding and alighting from the train. Please be aware that the train may approach the platform anytime, from any direction.


The trains are designed to high international standards. Doors open / close automatically. Beeper sounds will warn you when the doors are about to close. If standing please stand clear of the door's at all times


Stay away from the track and electrified rails. Pay attention to all warning signs. Trespassing onto the track area can cause severe injury to yourself or others.

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