Republic Government

Paola Arroyo, and Gladys Valero

What is a Republic Government?

A republic government is when the power is given to the people to elect representatives that have the serve same interest as them to serve in congress and legislation. We have a republic government.

How does the government work?

A republic government is led by a President that has been elected by the people. The united States has a republic government and we hold elections to choose who we want as our leader, even though our government is solely reliant on us, the people.

The type of government.

We have 3 branches of government, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Each of these branches control the Government. The government is not in control of the people, we are, because we elect our representatives and we use, popular sovereignty, federalism, limited government, republicanism, and the government uses checks and balances to keep the 3 branches safe. The government cares for the people by giving us health care and the opportunity to treat and care for ourselves. The government and the people share powers by giving us the chance to elect our representatives that makes choices for us.

Economic Control

The people who control the economy is the Bank and the people, because we have the free enterprise system.

individual rights

The Bill of Rights give us the 10 amendments on our own powers, and the 9th amendment gives us unalienable rights. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness also keeps our individual rights.

Countries with this form of Government

  • Boliva
  • Chile
  • United States of American
  • El Salvador
  • Hungary
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Uganda
  • Etc.