My 2014-2015 School Year

This year I...


This year, I have changed a lot physically and mentally. Coming to middle school was at first very scary to me so I did start to be attentive and more aware in class than I was in elementary school. Also, since we meet new people in 7th grade, I met many new people, some of them who are now one of my closest friends. I did make new friends but I also lost many of my old friends too. I've learned to cope with difficult situations and I think I grew to become a much more mature person than I was a year before.


At the beginning of the year, all the students got an aeries account set up. Aeries is like a digital report card. Personally, this helped and also stressed me out because you could check what your grade is and be updated which was great but if you had a bad grade in a specific class, that grade would be looming over your head until you raised it up.
Also, this picture below shows how I have made new friends and am surrounded by new people. This made me grow apart from a few of my old friends but I took it as a natural thing since I barely saw my old peers at school anymore.
Big image
This TED video we watched in english made me think about what all heroes have in common with each other. This video inspired me that we all are human. (even heroes!)


These several changes shaped what I am today and the bumps on the road helped me become a stronger person. I think that this year toughened me up so that I would be ready to take on future years without struggling. Though I wish that this year, I would've been more careful and thoughtful in certain situations before taking action but I did learn from those mistakes so I do think it was a good experience for me. I look forward to going on to 8th grade and then high school! I wonder what the future holds but I can only hope that I will be well on the right path of life and be successful in life.