The First Planet

The planet under the sun!

Planet Profile

  • Mercury is 46 million kilometers from the sun, and 77 million kilometers from Earth
  • Mass: 330,104,000,000,000 billion kg (0.055 x Earth)
  • Equatorial Diameter: 4,879
  • Polar Diameter: 4,879
  • Equatorial Circumference: 15,329 km
  • Known Moons: none
  • Notable Moons: none
  • Orbit Distance: 57,909,227 km (0.39 AU)
  • Orbit Period: 87.97 Earth days
  • Surface Temperature: -173 to 427°C
  • First Record: 14th century BC
  • Recorded By: Assyrian astronomers.
  • You can stay on this planet for a year, return to Earth and come back, you need a full dose of oxygen at some point!
  • Bring shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and get ready for a vacation under the sun! Also bring sunscreen! We have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • You are welcome anytime! There is no humidity, no rain, so get ready for a warm vacation!

Mercury's attractions

Most famous tourism sites

  • Come visit our famous light year rollar coaster! The fastest rollar coaster in the universe! It goes at the speed of light, so you can take a quick tour around the whole planet. Sadly, Mercury has no moons, so we cannot take you to one of the planet's moons, but it is still an outstanding experience!!
  • Take a night out with your partner at the Mercury Chocolate Factory and Restaurant. Try our most famous, well known Mercury Original Chocolate Lava cake, heated naturally by the sun.
  • Visit the most exciting museum in museum history! It shows all of the history of Mercury: When it was founded, how it was founded, etc. And if you are curious about the universe itself, we have a section on the big bang theory, the galaxies, stars, and black holes, cosmos, and asteroids.
  • Take a trip to the Mercury Universal Space Station (MUSS) and travel to the moon, Earth, and the sun.
  • Visit the Mercury Tourism Building to grab a map to guide yourself around the planet.

About our hotels and houses

Stay at our Mercury Space Resort, with a great view outside of the solar system!!!

Fun Facts about Mercury:

  • A total of 88 days is equivalent to one Earth year.
  • Mercury is the smallest out of the eight planets.
  • Every 2 orbits around the sun, which takes about 88 days, Mercury completes three rotations on its axis.
  • It is gravitationally locked in its rotation; its unique to our solar system.
  • Every seven years or so, Mercury can be seen from Earth passing across the face of the sun.
  • This planet is named after the Roman god, the messenger.
  • The planet just has 38% of Earth's gravity.