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Natural aesthetics: what really works!

Nobody ages the same way. Skin texture, lifestyle and emotional experiences are important factors in aging.

So we look for those who want to care for their skin gently and with a total approach to their beauty.

Authentic facial reflexology offers us incredible possibilities to build beauty and wellness treatments, holistically.

What is holistic care?

Developed by the research team of the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan (EiMDC), the aesthetic-therapeutic technique called Chan'beauté stimulates the area needing treatment and is followed by a protocol, using small precise tools, that restores (by reaching the origin of the disorder and imperfection) overall balance.

We treat the person as a whole.

Why can't creams alone be effective?

No one believes that a single molecule can have a miraculous effect. This is why the cosmetics industry claims, almost monthly, to have discovered - by going to the bottom of the planet to find the so-called incredible plant, only known by a tribe who jealously guard their secret - the final ingredient.

These products are just marketing materials for those who think they can stay passive. That is to say, those who do not want to admit that our external appearance is a reflection of the state of our inner health.

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But why does Chan'beaute work?

Because; using delicate stimulations that never damage the skin, we treat the origin of the imperfection.

Because; we know how to decode what the wrinkles, blemishes and other visible imperfections tell us about our inner state.

Because; using facial diagnosis and applying the yin and yang stimulations of the tools, allows us to formulate personalized protocols to restore the skin's radiance, firmness and elasticity.

My spots, my wrinkles: what do they express?

Chan'beauté is known as the natural aesthetic-therapeutic technique because it uses our knowledge of Dien Chan.

We (mentally) project each of Dien Chan's diagrams of reflection on the face to understand the relationship between the imperfection and it's origin.

Muscular tension? Tired or lazy organs. A troubled respiratory system?
Poorly managed emotions are a possible cause.

Thanks to the Diagrams, we can engage in dialogue with our client and treat, using Dien Chan, the origin of the disorder.

What are multireflex tools?

After the Vietnam war, Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu realized, thanks to his thousands of patients, that simple pressure on specific points of the face, could be done without needles.

He then found that he could consolidate the treatment by stimulating those same areas with yin or yang effects, depending on the disorder.

The positive results for his patients were not long in coming. He understood that by activating superficial blood and lymphatic microcirculation we encourage our natural process of self-regulation (and self-healing).

Through the face we stimulate the brain to manage energy blockages and redirect our flow of vital energy (Qi).

It is therefore important to understand that the more aggressive the treatment, the less favourable the results will be.

On the contrary, delicate rolling with yin or yang effect tools will elevate our therapeutic work.

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What are multireflex yin or yang effects?

  • Yin has a dispersing effect, it humidifies and refreshes.
  • Yang has an energizing effect, it drys and heats.

To understand a little better; a pain described as being dull, cold, diffuse, is considered yin. So we stimulate the body area, and its facial reflection, with a multireflex tool with yang effects.

In Chan'beauté, we consider certain spots and moles as concentrations of melanin (yang). We succeed in fadingthem and making them disappear by using yin stimulations to disperse. In addition, we are delicately improving overall microcirculation.

When we treat the skin we want to improve its natural moisture, not dry it. But the vast majority of treatments that exist in commerce are yang, often aggressive, and can not stimulate microcirculation in a yin way.

Only Chan'beauté is able to reduce our imperfections (like oxidation) and slow down aging, without damaging the skin.

To treat wrinkles we combine the effects of the multireflex tools by starting the treatment with the Yang~yin protocol, which significantly reduces muscle micro-tensions.

So what products should I use?

Always choose organic creams for your skin type. Ensure that their ingredients, naturally sourced and - to preserve our biodiversity - are guaranteed to be free of hydrogenated oils or alcohol and exclude all palm oil derivatives.

Certainly, these products are more expensive. But do not worry, thanks to Chan'beauté you will use less. The secret is to first use a Chan'beauté treatment or protocol and then apply your favorite cream.

Indeed the preliminary work with the multireflex tools activates microcirculation and improves the penetration of your cream into the dermis and epidermis. You will quickly see that the amount of product needed to maintain hydration is much less.

Investing in multireflex tools is the best way to considerably reduce your cosmetic budget.

Why has EiMDC become the reference?

Our goal is to teach therapists, beauticians and all those who wish to take charge of their well-being, how to compose protocols to obtain and offer tailored care.

Our great therapeutic and teaching experience, accumulated since 2002, as well as numerous publications (including Multireflexology – Dien Chan in English) and our two applications (Dien Chan and the Chan'beauté Magazine, for iPad and Apple iPhone) allows us to offer practical, conscientious courses.

Our team of teachers is composed of experienced therapists and students who participate in developing the method within the research department of the EiMDC. Much better than an isolated trainer who just repeats a standard curriculum.

Ten years of intense collaboration with Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu the creator of the method, and his team from Vietnam's Viet Y Dao center in Saigon, have enriched us with an incomparable knowledge that we want to share.

Teaching natural, effective and non-toxic solutions, is our way of participating in a more environmentally friendly world.

Chan'beauté with Beauty pad

Can I just study Chan'beauté?


It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of Dien Chan and know how to project the Dien Chan diagrams of reflection to take full advantage of the therapeutic dimension of Chan'beauté.

So we offer combined Chan'beauté training with the first module of DienChan'reflex.

Where can I learn?

We offer all 3 levels of Dien Chan ('reflex, 'Clinic, and 'Pro) and Chan'beauté courses in many countries in Europe, North and South America and Australia.

To avoid doubts and worries about your courses when they are completed, your teacher must be an EiMDC certified trainer to guarantee authenticity.

All courses, the course calendar and more tips are available at www.multireflex.com

We remain at your disposal to answer your questions.

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International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan

Dien Chan + Chan'beauté training

We are very pleased to share this revolutionary training program in Canada and United States of America.

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