The Lessons to Bunbury

By:Ian Schilling

What is Bunburying

Bunburying is an excellent excuse where you make up a person so you can get out of situations that you don't want to be in. Example: You make up a man named Tom and who lives far away and you say he's your 2nd cousin and he's very troublesome and he fights and is a scoundrel so my excuse is have to bail him out of jail or go see him in the hospital, it is excellent because a man like that this stuff happens very often.

A situation this would be good

Say that one of your friends needs help except it's like that friend whose annoying but your only friends because you've known them for a long time, that's a great time to use it.

How to Bunbury

1. Have different looks so if you do run into someone else from your other life they won't notice you extremely absent minded when people ask you questions

3.if people ask what where you doing just go with, I don't know what your talking about,what, huh,why

4. Always have an escape plan if you slip up and one person could figure out

Some looks that you could go with

Why to Bunbury get away from wife

2.To get away from crazy ex wife/ex girlfriend get away from parents on a rambling session with your parents

4. When something big is going on at work

Problems with Bunburying

1. If you get caught your in trouble

2. You could now have a crazy ex wife/ex girlfriend

3. Your parent won't be happy

4. You could get into legal trouble

Solutions to Bunbury

1. Have totally different appearances

2. When your wife asks you what you where doing be extremely absent-minded

3. Don't ever tell your parents and if they find out deny it

4. If the cops come up to you run,lie,or move to Mexico or Canada


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