Welcome Team NYU!

NYU Alexa Cafe - Class of 2018


Our dream team at NYU is finally in place and I couldn't be more excited to work with this group of amazing women. With just over a month before camp starts, I wanted to send out my first official newsletter to get you pumped for the summer. Get ready to inspire the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and influencers.

Meet the team!

I'm sharing out contact information here so you can keep in touch before camp.

Ayanna Robinson - Camp Director


Hailing from Howard University, this will be Ayanna's 4th summer at camp and her first as our fearless Camp Director. She has taught various courses including film, photography, and 3D printing but she's also an expert at icebreakers and bringing boundless energy to camp.

Amani Hayes - Messinger - Lead Instructor


Amani will graduate from Brown University THIS weekend (congrats Amani!) with a degree in Computer Science and American Studies. This is her second season with Alexa Cafe and her first as our Lead Instructor. She's taught Java, Javascript, Cryptography, and will tackle Arduino this summer as well. Amani is an amazing teacher and will be a great mentor to new instructors!

Alexandra Brand - Instructor


Alex is a Film and Digital Design major at Pace University and has spent the last two summers working at our co-ed program, iD Tech. She's taught film and robotics at both UNC and NYU and is excited to join us at Alexa Cafe this summer teaching photography. Fun fact: Alex is also a former iD Tech camper!

Celine Yan - Instructor


This will be Celine's first summer at camp. She is a second year Computer Science student at Northeastern University in Boston and will be teaching Java, Python and maybe also a little bit of Photography this summer!

Payal Arora - Instructor


Payal joins us for her first summer at Alexa Cafe teaching Film and Photography. This may be her first summer at camp but she'll already know her way around campus as she's a 3rd year Film student here at NYU!

Get to know Jami

You might be wondering who I am and what my role is here at iD Tech Camps. Here are some fun facts!

  • I started working at iD Tech in the summer of 2001 when I was a Film major in college at the Savannah College of Art & Design. I taught Digital Video and Stop Motion Animation for two summers in New York (well before I moved here. It was fate.)
  • I became a Camp Director at our camp in Atlanta in the summer of 2003 and have been working for iD full time since 2004. My job now is "Territory Manager" of the Northeast. I oversee all operations for camps from New Jersey to Vermont. I manage a team of 6 people and personally only manage one camp location of my own...you guessed it...NYU's Alexa Cafe!
  • I'm an obsessive Prince fan with Jeopardy level knowledge about him. I think I could go head to head with anyone in this world if this were a real trivia category.

Regional Staff Training

I'll be seeing some of you this weekend at the Adelphi staff training and some of you next weekend at the UMD training. If you have any questions about travel, housing, or anything related to training, please give me a call! I'm looking forward to seeing you. Remember! Sunday is "Crazy Hat" day at training so make sure to represent.
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Staff Corner/Curriculum

Staff Corner is LIVE! Remember to bookmark https://staff.idtech.com/login/

(You log in using the same credentials as your Job Account)

If you've completed your employment paperwork then you should've received an email with login instructions. If you're having trouble, just let me know.

Staff Corner is where our curriculum lives, where you can see fun videos, find safety info, and post to our world famous staff forums. You'll spend a lot of time here creating lesson plans, studying your curriculum lessons, and chatting with other staff in the forums.

Course Assignments: The courses you have been scheduled to teach will go live in just a few weeks. Until then, use the Scheduling Preferences piece on your job account to see what courses I anticipate you teaching. There may be up to 3 courses that I'd like you to study.

Let me know if you have any questions about curriculum!

That was a lot of reminders! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I'd love to hear from you and know that you're thinking about camp. Call, text, or email any time!
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