ACA Media Center


The students are loving self-checkout this year! However, I think some students need a few reminders about how the system works. I have a feeling we have a LOT of books floating around that were not checked out correctly. Please show ALL 2nd-4th graders this video as a reminder. I would love for us to continue offering self-checkout, but we have to make sure we are not losing materials in the process.

Self-Checkout Video

Multimedia Projects

All of our classes have done some fantastic multimedia projects so far this year! Please remember that you are welcome to sign up for projects for your class anytime! Some projects may be short, one-day projects or they may be bigger projects that require more time. I am always interested in hearing your ideas and working together.

Checkout Reminders

Each class has a dedicated checkout time each week. This is designed to make sure all students have the opportunity to check out books that are just right for them. Students who need to check out new books at other times during the week can be sent individually or in small groups. Please help monitor which students are coming to the media center for individual checkout and how often they are coming. I am starting to see the same groups of students several times a week. Some of them are checking out books that are way too easy, so they are needing to switch books too often. Others are checking out chapter books that they are not reading and they are coming back quite often as well.

Mrs. Middlebrook is now driving a regular bus route. She is not here in the mornings until about 8:40 and leaves each day about 1:30. Please keep this in mind when you send students to the media center. If I have another class, I may not be available to help them as much as I would like until Mrs. Middlebrook arrives.