Mialisia Jewelry

A New Way To Wear Jewelry

What is Mialisia?

Mialisia Jewelry is a brand new, patent pending line that is as versatile as the modern day woman. We at Mialisia Jewelry believe that your jewelry is an extension of you and your personality. Quality of our product is extremely important which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Become a Fashionista and Earn your own Jewelry

Have a party, share with your friends online, keep it simple, have fun and no need to worry about delivery -- shipping is free and best of all it ships to the individual buyer.
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Check out how becoming a Designer can create financial stability for you and your family

BUSINESS KIT DETAILS: Only $49 to reserve your spot$199 and $599. The large is the preferred kit option as is $1600 in value and provides enough jewelry to excite party guests and hosts as they watch your party demonstration (interchanging pieces, creating value in the items you are selling because of their versatility)
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Let's Talk

I would love to help you start your own business and together as a powerhouse team become part of the successful Mialisia Family! Work anytime, anywhere, you are the boss with this direct sales opportunity.

Do you already own a small business?

Awesome and congratulations! If you own less than 5 locations this might be an area of expansion. By selling this product in your store you will earn 35% commission with potential to earn more! Contact me to learn more.

Either way, contact me and let me know how I too can support you!

The Mialisia Story by CEO, Annelise Brown

A little about me!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my flyer. I am a working mother of two young and very active children. I served 4 years in the USAF prior to starting my 13 year career in Telecommunications as a Sales Operations Manager and currently a Marketing Analyst after graduating from college with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. While I absolutely love my job, I have always wanted to start my own business and I have always enjoyed wearing and buying jewelry. Mialisia gives me the opportunity to do it all!I joined Mialisia as a way to start fulfilling my dream. I am excited about the idea of meeting lots of new, wonderful people that also share my joy for jewelry and those that also share my passion to start a business. I am looking to grow my Mialisia Family across the US and hope that you will join me on this journey!Many thanks and blessings! Jessica Burke