American language and Culture Immersion

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American Language and Culture Immersion is the only language program that guarantees to beat all competitors’ prices while offering top quality instruction, support, and services. Our instructional programs cater to business professionals, labor workers, and spouses (we offer a comprehensive spousal assistance program), making the transition easier for all involved.

Spousal Assistance Program:

Every year companies set out to rise to the expectations of a global and competitive market. Unfortunately, expatriate spousal dissatisfaction is the biggest reason that assignments fail and companies lose millions of dollars every year. At ALCI, we offer an affordable and comprehensive package for spouses. Our focus goes beyond only language needs depending on whether the spouse's desire is to maintain the home or enter the workplace. Cross-cultural training and local tours are highlighted in this program. ALCI offers two distinct Spousal Support programs.

Spousal Day-to-Day Survival Assistance Program

Topics and services covered, but not limited to:

1) Introduction to Houston (tour of local areas such as post office, banks, etc.)

2) Language and cultural awareness instruction

3) Making important telephone calls and appointments

4) Accompany and support with doctor appointments, school, grocery shopping, etc.

5) Language training and independence emphasized at all times.

Spousal Career and Language Assistance Program

Topics and services covered, but not limited to:

1) Building an American-style résumé

2) Learning about the local job market and salary issues

3) Interview preparedness

4) Volunteer opportunity placement

6) Assisting with job placement

Workplace Programs:

Business Communication Program

The Business Communication Program is for advanced speakers who wish to become fluent in English. Participants will feel more comfortable at work and in work-related social situations after completion of our program.

Topics covered, but not limited to:

  • Listening Comprehension (understand reduced speech and why Americans speak so “fast”)
  • Advanced conversation related to business
  • Writing (effective email correspondence, basic mechanics, and business writing)
  • Common phrasal verbs and expressions/idioms
  • Presentation skills practice
  • Improving telephone call skills (listening and speaking)
  • Cross-cultural training for better communication at the work place
  • Grammar will be reviewed in the context of relevant topics of discussion

English for Workers Program

The English for Workers Program is offered to manufacturing facilities and plant workers. This program focuses on basic and job specific English. Students will learn how to communicate and understand management directives, avoiding costly mistakes.

Topics covered, but not limited to:

  • General Oral Communication skills (general conversation as well as job-specific communication)
  • Reading Comprehension (including job-related to develop ability to read operation manuals and safety protocols)
  • Writing (filling out forms and basic reports)

For more information contact:

Sara Tavassoli

Founder and Director

2323 South Voss

Houston, Texas 77057

Cell: 281-509-0706