Jackson a Zero

By: Andrew Hall

Jackson and his reasons

1. Jackson abused the veto power while other presidents didn't use it at all. For example Jackson vetoed 12 times and one of the vetoes was the the destruction of the National bank.

2. Jackson Destroyed the National Bank because it was a "threat to all Americans". Average income people were extremely happy with this decision. But after this decision the economy collapsed.

3. Jackson also signed the Indian Removal Act which moved all the Indians is Georgia over to Oklahoma. The Indians walked a 6-8 mile trip with most of them dying(16000 were alive to start but when they made it to Oklahoma about 4000 of the Indians died). The Supreme Court never was good with this decision but Jackson doesn't care, he does what he wants.

Anti Andrew Jackson Campaign Add
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Political Cartoon

This Cartoon shows Jackson sitting on a throne and relaxed with people as rats running away from Jackson. This shows that people thought he was mad and the rats were running away