Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


- I learned that you can edit the video to make it what you want it to be.

- You can make your own family videos.

- Also you can make a video for your work.


-You can only make a 30 second trailer but it comes with the music and all go the backgrounds too

- also you can make it about anything and it also could be for your business

- Another thing is that you can choose what you want as a background and what you want as a theme

Haiku Deck

-You can make a presentation for your work or or even just for fun

-Also you can have it be as long a you want and also as many slides as you want

- Another thing is that you can choose your own background and you can search a picture that you want as your background

- another awesome thing about haiku deck is that you can make something as a family

Go animate

- You can make a video about anything

- also you can use it for your business of even just for fun or for a presentation for your school project

- Another thing is that you can add the charecters that you want

Explain Everything

- In Explain Everything you can record your voice to explain something

- Also in Explain Everything you can choose the background color and it could be black green or white

- Another thing in Explain Everything is that you can explain anything that you want to