4 Gauge Preworkout Review

A real Customer Review of 4 Gauge Preworkout

What is 4 Gauge?

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement that is popular with experienced bodybuilders who want to ensure intense muscle pumps and exercise.

The product’s container is shaped like a shotgun shell, which I assume is meant to be all “macho” or whatever. Chuck Norris definitely uses these.

This product is noted for increasing your endurance and strength when lifting, helping to boost your energy and concentration through lengthy pumping sessions.

The manufacturers of this supplement claim that 4 Gauge will improve your physique, help you progress faster, and lead to amazing workouts.


4 Gauge also has a few active ingredients which separate it from its competitors, such as Rhodiola Rosa, Coconut Water, Creatine Monohydrate, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Red Beet, and Citrulline Malate.

Users often claim that 4 Gauge has effects on both your mental focus and physical performance, helping you to “keep going” and concentrate intensely.

What Are The Ingredients?

  1. L-Citrulline Dl-Malate: This ingredient is one of the stronger vasodilators known to science, meaning that it naturally opens up your blood vessels and gives more space for blood to flow to your muscles quickly, helping with muscle gains.
  2. Caffeine: Caffeine helps to improve your physical energy and mental performance, and 4 Gauge contains a modest serving (150mg) which won’t give you the jitters.
  3. L-Theanine: This component is extracted from green tea leaves and is essentially the yin to caffeine’s yang. L-Theanine helps to keep you grounded and enhances your energy in a calm manner.
  4. Rhodiola Rosea: This European herb has been shown to improve athletic endurance in clinical studies, and has even been known to treat depression and fatigue.
  5. Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris): This nitric oxide booster helps to boost your stamina and results in the gym, making it easier to achieve your fitness goals. One study with a group of soccer players found that it helped to enhance the performance of intermittent exercise.
  6. Creatine Monohydrate: If you live in the world of bodybuilding, you’ll always be hearing about things like caffeine anhydrous and creatine monohydrate. This ingredient helps with performance and even has neuroprotective effects too.
  7. Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This amino acid helps with fat burning and boosting energy.
  8. Coconut Water: Coconut water is filled with nutrients that help restore electrolytes and increase hydration.

4 Gauge Benefits

The folks over at Roar Ambition (great company name) have created a pre-workout supplement that contains natural ingredients that provide an energy boost and make muscle gains easier to attain.

There’s a bunch of good and science-backed ingredients in this product, all of which help you to increase energy and focus when pumping.

Furthermore, it’s only 5 calories per serving, so it’s great for those on dietary restrictions or weight loss diets.

You can read all the dosages of each ingredient on the bottle, so you know exactly what you’re getting into and you can compare the doses with other products.

For example, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you can see exactly how much caffeine is in this compared to other products.

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4 Gauge reviewers will naturally disagree about things like taste, but we found the flavors to be very nice, especially considering that they use healthy natural plant-based sweeteners.

4 Gauge Side Effects


Admittedly, I found little to no side effects from using 4 Gauge, and looking at some other people’s 4 Gauge reviews, it seems like I’m not the only one who struggled to find any significant downsides to this supplement.

I suppose one thing is that if you’re allergic to caffeine, then you should be steering clear of this product, as it contains a fair amount of caffeine anhydrous.

Nonetheless, it has a more modest amount of caffeine than some other supplements, so you can rest assured that your heart won’t be pounding out of your chest like you just downed 10 espressos in a row.


  • 5 calories per serving
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Effective bodybuilding supplementation
  • Natural ingredients


  • Contains a fair amount of caffeine
  • Quite expensive compared to competing supplements
  • Can only be bought via the manufacturer’s website


How Much Does 4 Gauge Cost?

1 “round” of 4 Guage (i.e. one bottle) is currently $45.00 USD on the company's website. 1 round contains 20 servings, providing you with enough boost for a good few weeks at the gym!

They also have a Two Round package where you get 2 bottles for $90 USD with free shipping.

If you’re looking to order in bulk and save money, then the company offers the “Ultimate Ammo Crate” package for $135.00.

In this package, you get 4 bottles of 4 Gauge, in addition to free US & UK shipping.