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💻 Digital Citizenship 💻

Digital Citizenship can be described as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior (and its positive and negative impact on self and others) with regard to technology use.

It's important for parents/guardians to help their child become safe, ethical, responsible and respectful digital citizens. To do that, you’ll use the same successful parenting strategies you’re already using! In this Parent University, we’ll share some resources to support you!

What curriculum/teaching do we have here in CCSD 15 for students?

In District 15, our mission is to provide students with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills to help prepare them for college and career readiness. We believe that all students should learn to have positive interactions while interacting with technology. Therefore, all students complete digital citizenship lessons monthly throughout the year. District 15’s Digital Citizenship curriculum consists of lessons from Common Sense Media, NetSmartzKids, and BrainPop which follow the District 15’s Digital Citizenship Matrix (English) (Spanish). Each month a lesson is taught that has a main area of focus. Lessons are translated into Spanish for students in PreK-3 grades.

The areas of focus are:

  • Media Balance & Well Being

  • Privacy & Security

  • Digital Footprint & Identity

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Cyberbullying, & Digital Drama

These lessons prepare students to take ownership of their digital lives, teach them how to think critically, be safe, and interact with others responsibly.

Who can you ask for help when your student is in a situation?

From time to time, the District gets questions from parents regarding digital citizenship issues with students that happen completely outside of school bounds, and not on school devices. Parenting a “digital native” can be a challenge in this day and age.

Check out this TED Talk from local author Devorah Heitner: The Challenges of Raising a Digital Native | Devorah Heitner, Ph.D. | TEDxNaperville

There are a lot of resources for parents available as well, and there’s no “one size fits all” response to your student and their digital life. Check out some resources below, and talk to your students! Often the best insight you can gain is from an open conversations about digital use, notifications, likes/dislikes and more.

The Challenges of Raising a Digital Native | Devorah Heitner, Ph.D. | TEDxNaperville

For your student: Bullying Tip Line

For several years now, CCSD15 has hosted a Bullying Tip Line. This site provides parents and students with an option to anonymously report bullying and/or other safety concerns within their schools, whether in person or on a digital platform. This page can be found on the CCSD15 website, and students can also access it on their Clever landing page, which opens automatically on every tab on their Chromebook. Scroll down to the District Applications, and locate the Bullying Tip Line. There you can complete the form.

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