New technology vs. Old technology

learn about the differences of technology

Differences of Technology

Today we are going to talk about computers. The list of 3 computers are, The ENIAC, Apple Macintosh, And The Mac Pro. The first computer was very big and didn't function well. The ENAIC. It weighed to much and was not that power full. About 40 years later came the Apple Macintosh. This was a major moment in the 1980s. This changed the whole Prospective of technology. In 2016 came the Mac Pro. this is way better and the Macintosh and ENIAC combine and also way smaller. This is one of the best computers out there.


In conclusion the technology that we have today has improved so much over the years. We are talking better graphics, more ram, more power and not to mention the space that the Mac Pro takes compared to the ENAIC.! The technology has improved a lot like i said, and this was just the computers, there are also cell phones and other things. I cant wait until even better technology comes!