PTO Update for HRE Staff

November 2015 Board Meeting

President's Update

Approval of October Minutes

Holiday Assistance Update

  • Chelsea updated the PTO Board on our holiday assistance efforts
  • PTO will be decorating the office bulletin board with mittens that list the items for the families we will be helping
  • Classroom teachers will have the option to assist in wrapping gifts with their class. This will be communicated in more detail to staff.
  • Gift pick-up will start December 15th

Superintendent's Advisory Council Update

  • Dr. Bourff spoke about the upcoming referendum
  • Dr. Bourff will be here at HRE on March 23rd @ 6:00 to meet with parents

Committee Updates

Dine to Donate

  • El Camino was rescheduled for December 3rd due to Family Reading Night in November...looking for teachers to donate 30 minutes of time to serve chips to the tables from 5:00 to 7:00
  • Still waiting to confirm a date in December for RAM
  • Wings Etc. is scheduled for January 19th

Movie night

  • 220+ students attended...all went well
  • Next movie night is in March

Dads & Donuts Update

  • Things went smooth...and we received good compliments

Spirit wear
  • At first glance it looks like there are a lot of orders for winter

Pancake breakfast & Bazaar

  • Saturday, December 12th...8:00
  • 2 sponsors have been secured...looking for 2 more
  • Set-up will be on Friday, December 10th @ 5:00
  • Volunteer sign-up sheet will be out November 30th

Secret Shop

  • Shopping is almost complete...1500 items have been purchased to date!
  • Shop is open December 10th and 11th during school
  • Teacher sign-up will be out November 30th (15 minute slots for each class)
  • Information sent home with students on December 7th
  • Set-up will be on Wednesday, December 9th @ 9:00 (Music room)

Rocket Rewards

  • Labels contest coming January/February 2016

Staff appreciation

  • Plans for December are being discussed
  • Lunch will be provided on January 4th workday

Book Fair

  • A little over $9000 in sales the 2 mornings of donuts
  • Preparing for Family Reading Night

Science Fair & Math/Science Night

  • New committee chairs have been found
  • Committee chairs met with Will on November 23rd
  • New plans will be shared with staff soon

Treasurer's Report

Cash balance

  • Cash balance was reviewed

Other items...

  • Reviewed updated budget, but still waiting on final numbers from recent events of Movie Night, Book Fair, and Dads and Donuts
  • Teacher receipts for reimbursement are due on Friday, December 4th

Principal's Report

Love Indiana project

  • Boxes have been picked up
  • Information went home with students on November 23rd
  • Boxes are due back to HRE on December 15th

Fancy Lunch

  • Planned for December 4th (November's PBIS Reward)
  • PTO will decorate the cafeteria that morning
  • Regular school lunch with Brownie dessert

Moby Max Contract

  • Discussed a multi-year contract to save 5% each year
  • Will discuss this at our December meeting

Old Business


  • February 5th from 1:00-3:00
  • $12 per student and HRE PTO keeps $5
  • Includes: 1 piece of pizza and unlimited soda, inflatables, $5 game card

Staff and bus driver shirts

  • Logo design being finalized


  • Had a good amount turned in...did not have exact count

Texas Roadhouse

  • Orders were due on November 30th
  • Will be passed out the week of December 7th

New Business

Reserve Seating for Music Programs

  • Discussed final plans for upcoming music events